Mastery Training

October 6 & 7

Mastery is the path of knowing and living from our Essential Self or Divinity while learning to trust this innate intelligence and its alignment with Source.

Self-mastery allows us to gain dominion over the lower self and learn to navigate through the limitations of the human personality to live in a state of Mastery through our original Divine Consciousness or Super Human aspect of being.

This 2- day workshop will be just after Deborah returns from the 8th Annual
Mastery Training in Mount Shasta to support a deeper awakening in to the
collective, for both personal and planetary evolution.

Facilitated by Deborah Mills and the Ascended Masters

— Cost is $75 —

Understanding the Chakra System

4 Week Series
Thursdays 7:30-9:00pm EDT
October 11th, 18th, 25th, November 1st.

Chakra’s are centers of living energy, or energy vortexes that are the interface between the body and soul

They function as memory banks that store vast quantities of information from previous lifetimes to current life experiences.

They regulate the flow of spiritual energy and prana into the physical body and have a direct relationship with dis-ease or dis-harmony at every level of being.

Understanding and experiencing how the chakra’s affect our health, vitality and consciousness. We will explore and release old tensions and operating systems to become more consciously aware and aligned with our Soul and the Source of Being connected on the Earth. 

This 4-Week Series will include —

~Understanding the developmental stages of the Chakras and how they affect our physical and psychological functions

~ To heal and release unconscious memories and experiences that may be   blocking their flow and function

~ Deeper grounding for manifesting in your life

~Tools for self- care of your own chakra system

~ Guided Meditations through the Chakra’s

~ Activating the Soul to live more deeply through the form

Taught by Deborah Mills, Director of Soul Focused Healing, who has healing and teaching through the Chakra System for over 25 years.

Cost is $60 for the 4 week class —