Fall Classes
with Peter Shea

Peter Shea is a professor, author and practitioner of Daoist healing arts including acupuncture, bodywork, qigong, and the I Ching and enjoys sharing embodied multi-dimensional practices and philosophy.

November 13th, 2018  6-7:30 pm EDT

The ancient arts of the Tao often use trinities to describe the universe.  3 is considered to be more stable than 2 and more moving than 4 (think of the legs of a chair). At the heart of these trinities are what are known as the three treasures of the Tao:

Jing, Qi, and Shen, or Essence, Energy and Spirit. 

These are the Taoist equivalent to mind, body and spirit.  Part of the wisdom of the ancient Chinese is in their ability to create “systems of correspondence,” systems in which everything has a relative place and is in relationship to everything else. 

We see this in yin/yang, the five elements, the 8 directions, the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, etc.  The three treasures is one of the simplest, most profound, and most useful of these systems and lies at the heart of medicine, spirituality, and the art of life.  It is the metaphor of life as a candle: the essence is the wax and wick, the energy is the burning of the candle, and the spirit is the light emanated from the candle.  It is the story of spirit having a material experience.  It is up to us how we manage these treasures.  We will use Taoist theory and qigong to help illuminate our relationship to the three treasures.

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The 5 Spirits of Our Alchemical Cauldron

December 11th, 2018  6-7:30pm EDT

This is a stand alone intro class on the spirits of the 5 elements in Daoism. The 5 elements are a great lens for looking at and communicating with nature. It is one of the “languages” that nature speaks. The 5 elements are used in healing, in astrology, as a Farmer’s Almanac of sorts, and in many other ways.

In this class, we will touch on one element at a time and look at the spiritual aspects of each element and how they play a part in our lives. We are seen as a composite being, made up of many forces, and when we learn how to harmonize and integrate these forces we become natural again, a whole being.

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“Humanity is part of this Axis of Heaven and Earth… it all takes place in our Heart ” – Peter Shea

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Full Series on The 5 Spirits of Our Alchemical Cauldron  
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