Dynamic Aging
with Dudley Tower

The Dynamic Aging Program is a proven method of accomplishing a more meaningful, exciting, healthy, and conscious retirement – now in its fourth year of instruction at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) located at Furman University. Dudley Tower, Ph.D. is the DAP’s founder and primary instructor.

Dynamic Aging Classes for 2019 

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Coming Summer 2019 

Care and Feeding of the Aging Brain

As we get older and our physical body starts to decline, our brains become more important to us. However, keeping our brains healthy requires more than just a good diet and exercise. Cognitive decline begins around the age of 30 – so it is everyone’s challenge to understand how their brain functions, the importance of healthy neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, and how to care for and feed our brains. Our brain is our most important asset as we age, so don’t rely on old information – or no information at all – when caring for your brain. Instead, take this course and learn how you can optimize your brain functioning for decades yet to come.

Available for Purchase Summer 2019

24/7 Mindfulness: Making Everything a Conscious Choice

Everyone is mindful some of the time, but in order to optimize our aging process we must become consciously aware of the choices we are making in every moment. Any lapse in mindfulness opens the door for unconscious and/or conditioned behavior that is negative, harmful to yourself and others, and self-reinforcing through our neural pathway system. Who we are as a person is almost completely the result of our prior actions, thoughts, feelings, and words. By unconsciously re-stimulating our older, more negative neural pathways, we only create more suffering in the world – and we can never fully develop our potential as a human being. By taking this class, you will learn how to take complete responsibility for your own life, avoid prior negative conditioning, understand what it means to be mindful 24/7, and make everything you do, say, or think a conscious choice.

Available for Purchase Summer 2019

Generativity: A New Paradigm for Our Aging Population

Erik Erikson, in his famous Stage Theory of Psychosocial Development, observed that most older adults reach a time in late adulthood when they feel the need to create and nurture something that will make the world a better place. He saw people facing a common “psycho-social crisis” of needing to choose between what he called “Generativity” (making the world a better place for future generations), or “Stagnation” (which is reflected in our existing retirement paradigms emphasizing “dis-engagement” from society). If we fail to choose the path of generativity, we become rigid, unproductive, and experience a loss in self-esteem. However, by choosing the path of generativity, we will continue to age dynamically, while also helping to make the world a better place for future generations. With rapidly increasing numbers of older adults having unprecedented levels of time, wealth, and education – we need a new paradigm for aging and retirement in our society. Take this class and decide for yourself.

Available for Purchase Summer 2019