A primary pillar of work at the School of Wholeness and Enlightenment (SOWE) is to support the global awakening through humanitarian service and cultural exchange.

SOWE collaborates with social sector organizations to uplift individuals and communities around the world who are seeking functional and culturally-appropriate tools, to support healthy and harmonious lives. Through the service opportunities, travelers and practitioners have the opportunity to share their gifts while benefiting from ancient wisdom and traditions from other cultures.

Africa Healing Exchange

Shining the light on potential

AHE offers the following services for people around the world to connect and grow.
1. Restoring Resilience is the AHE signature model, delivered to Genocide survivors and youth in Rwanda, international aid workers and travelers from the U.S.
2. The Skills Exchange Network offers entrepreneurship training, internships and mentoring opportunities.
3. Rwandan Retreat is AHE’s annual trip and serves as the primary cross-cultural global service tour for individuals desiring a deeper connection with self and others.

To learn more about AHE’s services delivered in the U.S. and in Rwanda, contact the founder:
U.S. Phone: 828.333.4960

Harmonizing World Water Project

Many of us sense that the threat to the balance of all life on this planet has reached a critical state because of human conflict and environmental devastation. Because Water is everywhere, this Project offers the ability to create a positive impact by seeding bodies of water with harmonic frequency amplifiers all over the world – which affects the water in our bodies, buildings, Earth and atmosphere!

Our overall desire is to provide a bridge for people, Nature and technology to coexist in harmony with higher consciousness. Our intent is to expand our outreach and join forces with other like-minded individuals and organizations that would love being part of this worldwide project one way or another.

We are dedicated to optimizing the potential for World Peace by empowering people to create and amplify harmony through personal and environmental collective action. This mission, combined with the power of love, can significantly enhance the overall quality of the unified field of energy that connects and supports all life.

If you’re interested in empowering yourself and your community through this kind of work please stay in touch and sign up for our newsletter. We are currently developing programs and significant ways that individuals can partake in.

More information coming soon!