Upcoming classes with Dudley Tower

Care and Feeding of the Aging Brain

Mindfulness: Making Everything a Conscious Choice

Generativity: A New Paradigm for Our Aging Population

Upcoming classes with Tika Vales Caldwell

Caring for People and the Earth

Technology and Consciousness

Balancing Wired and Wireless Electrical Fields

Harmonizing Water and Earth Energy Fields

Recorded Class with Deborah Mills

Mastery Training Tele-Seminar
(recorded Oct 6th and 7th 2018)

Yoga Classes with Joe Taft

Find Some Space

Staying Centered and Finding Your Abdominals

In Training

Strong on the Inside, Soft on the Outside

Daoist Healing Arts with Peter Shea

The Five Spirits of Our Alchemical Cauldron (overview)

Series: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire

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