The Art of Energy Medicine for Personal and Planetary Healing, Evolution & Enlightenment.

A Modern Expression of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings

The word “Esoteric” means the hidden… yet it is only hidden to those who do not yet see it.

Soul Focused Esoteric Healing is a precise and scientific system of healing that works through the Chakra System and the organs, glands and systems of the body and the brain. Understanding the Chakra System is like having a treasure map to the body revealing the source of pain, dysfunction and imbalances, as well as the causal level of dis-ease and dis-harmony in the body and brain. The science of understanding the anatomical design of the energy field and the chakra system opens doors to seeing and sensing into the layers of the unseen but easily palpated bodies.

Supporting balance, harmony, healing and integration of the Body Mind Heart and Soul

The Chakra System is part of the subtle body that interpenetrates and surrounds the physical body holding the energetic blue print of the physical. This blue print holds the imprints of the imbalances and blockages in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of the person.

A chakra is an energy center or vortex that distributes universal energy or life force known as chi or prana into the physical body. Chakras are centers of living energy that function as pumps or valves regulating the flow of energy into the physical body. Functioning as memory banks along with the limbic brain, they store vast quantities of information from this life and the life of the soul. If there is a lot of unprocessed information it is stored as “issues in the tissues” and can compromise the health and vitality of the body and mind, which can result in dis-ease and dis- harmony.

Member of the National Association of Esoteric Healers