Dr Kylie Hohn

Dr Kylie Hohn is the co-founder of LightEn, a philanthropic organisation focused on raising consciousness and bringing more Light to matter. Her organisation supports true excellence in conscious, humanitarian, spiritual education (with no religious agenda) and seeks to support those individuals truly dedicated to service and dedicated to helping others “turn the Light on” within themselves.  

Kylie has been involved in education for over twenty years. She has a PhD from Harvard and was tenured faculty at the University of Cambridge and Fellow at Trinity Hall for fifteen years. She has studied at universities in New Zealand, Russia, Canada, and the United States, and has taught in the United States (Harvard) and the United Kingdom (the University of Cambridge).

Having been so intimately involved in excellence in more traditional education, Kylie is passionate about playing a role in bringing about excellence in education that seeks to connect and balance mind and “sentient” intelligence in our world, in turn empowering humanity to navigate and create our world embodying the highest levels of wisdom and love we all hold at the very core of our being.  

She believes that there are great shifts in consciousness occurring on the planet and as a result the educational needs of humanity are shifting and evolving. She is dedicated to helping in the raising of consciousness for humanity, the planet, and the cosmos, and is very involved in the executive team of SoWE.

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