Education for Personal and Planetary Transformation and Awakening

SoWE is a global educational platform created to bring conscious heart and soul-based education to help support the needed system changes on the Earth. Our educational platform is based around five key pillars: Healing & Enlightenment; Business Wisdom; Science; Care for the Earth; and Dynamic Living & Aging. We will bring together some of the most inspiring and dedicated teachers, leaders and influencers in their fields.

Healing & Enlightenment

Our vision is to bring a holistic approach to health and well-being by bridging the gap between energy medicine and conventional medicine.

Enlightenment is the recognition and awakening of who we truly are. Through mastery of the personality/ego structure, we are able to awaken and embody the innate genius and divine spark we all hold at the very core of our being.

SoWE will offer certification programs for teachers, healers, and health care professionals.

Business Wisdom

Our level of consciousness determines the quality of our lives, and the level of impact we can have on everyone and everything in this world.

Companies and individuals that embrace conscious awareness and bring true heart and soul level thinking, being, and doing become the innovators of a new paradigm in their respective industries. With a focus on collaboration and care for both humanity and the Earth, such businesses will find ways to work in collaboration, instead of competition, to help make the world a better place.


SoWE is dedicated to exploring and supporting emerging technologies and modalities that can help repair the Earth and our environment.

Care for the Earth

Care for the Earth offers wholistic approaches to support harmony, balance, and integrity between humans and the Earth. As we connect more deeply with ourselves and the Earth, we begin to experience how the two are interconnected in a constant open exchange.

SoWE's Mountain Jewel operates entirely on solar and geothermal energy, and wastewater is processed onsite. The following video shows how SoWE's Wastewater Treatment is managed by the Ecological Pioneer John Todd's Eco-MachineĀ®.

Dynamic Living & Aging

Dynamic Aging is a systemic approach to maximizing the health and well-being of older adults.

This model for aging and retirement in an increasingly unpredictable world combines science and spirituality to continuously adapt, enhance the mind-body connection, reduce stress, and develop the unlimited potential of our Essential Nature.