Executive Director and CEO

Tika Vales

Native New Orleanian Tika Vales Caldwell is passionate about health, wellness, and creating optimal healing environments. A nationally respected designer and healing arts practitioner with 35 years of experience, Tika assists individuals and businesses in alleviating electro and geopathic stress, optimizing external energetic patterns, and creating optimal health potential. In collaboration with leading-edge scientists and engineers, she has developed a product line of energetic tools that utilize ancient wisdom and modern technology to reduce stress and increase balance and harmony in both environmental and personal applications.

Tika holds a B.A. in Education from Alfred University with an emphasis in environmental studies. She is certified in a variety of health, wellness, and transformation modalities. She holds a masters in BrainState Technolgies ™ brain balancing, is trained in NLP, and is a certified Master Practitioner in the Art of Becoming Your Best Self ™. Tika apprenticed for five years with Dr. Gene Basin, the creator of the Art of Becoming personal transformation system. Dr. Basin holds a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy and published the two-volume “Art of Becoming — Theory and Practice” book with a nine CD audio series. Tika apprenticed for ten years with Rev. Shirley Saylors Clarkson, BSRN. Shirley is a pastoral minister and health and wellness counselor who was one of the original charter members for the American Holistic Nurses Association.

Since 2000, Tika has also received extensive training from two thought leaders in the fields of BioGeometry and subtle energy: Dr. Ibrahim Karim, the founder of BioGeometry, an emergent scientific field of “the energy of forms” that lies at the intersection of science and spirituality; and Dr. Robert Gilbert, founder of the Vesica Institute and a former US Marine Corps Instructor in the field of Nuclear Biological Chemical Defense with over 25 years of teaching and working with the detection and protection against harmful radiations.