Executive Director and CEO

Tony Delia

Throughout his 25-year career as an award-winning Creative Director and Designer, Tony has established breakthrough brand identities and strategically-focused creative campaigns that drive sales success across a range of customers and industries—from health and wellness to packaged goods, entertainment, and construction.

Tony is Founder and Creative Director of the Magnet Creative Group in Asheville, North Carolina, an agency providing full-service support for multichannel advertising and promotion, inclusive of digital, print, direct mail, concept and logo development, collateral materials, product development, and special events. Tony has also recently started an inspirational apparel company to infuse positivity back into the planet.

Prior to moving to North Carolina, Tony was a proud New Jersey native, commuting daily as a VP, Art Director to prestigious ad agencies in New York. This experience provided the essential foundation and skill sets needed to later open his own shop, while providing the motivation to move his family south in pursuit of a better life in Asheville, a town that he truly adores.