The SoWE Experience

What to expect when you visit the Educational Retreat Center

From the moment you exit the highway and enter the gates you will be immersed in nature.

The Mountain Jewel Educational Retreat Center is nestled in 450 acres of woodland, streams and mountains.

You will arrive at the entrance to the facility via US 25/70. From there, a private road will take you to the arrival area with a reception building and car parking; there is also charging for electric vehicles. At the reception building, you and your luggage will be taken via an electric vehicle to the main campus with the forest villas, where you will enjoy your stay

Woven into the wooded landscape on the main campus are 76 private forest villas nestled in the trees with calming views of the forest, mountains and beyond. Each forest villa has its own screened porch for quiet reflection and contemplation.

The core village area has an auditorium, dining hall, event center and fitness center. The Wholeness Sanctuary, which is a Healing Center with a Water Spa and amenities shop, is a short walk from the Core Village. The two main teaching buildings are walking distance from the core village located further up the mountain.

The land is threaded with trails to explore. There are also many places for quiet contemplation where one can connect more deeply with nature, such as the Reflecting Pond, Elemental Park and Ceremonial Field.

There is something at Mountain Jewel for anyone interested in aligning with a deeper state of harmony with themselves, humanity, and the planet.

You will leave Mountain Jewel feeling Whole and more connected to your Heart and Soul.